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NiSi Upgrade Kit for V5 ALPHA to V5 Pro

October 3, 2018 -



  • Upgrade the V5 Alpha to the V5 Pro
  • Enhanced Landscape C-PL
  • Main 82mm Adaptor ring with gears to rotate the C-PL
  • Includes:


The NiSi Upgrade Kit for V5 ALPHA to V5 Pro includes aNiSi Enhanced Landscape NC CPL Filter andNiSi 82mm main adaptor for V5 Pro. This pack upgrades the V5 Alpha to the V5 Pro adding CPL and Main adaptor. Together these replace the 82mm Adaptor in the V5 Alpha to allow a C-PL to be used and rotated.

The NiSi Enhanced Landscape NC CPL Filter forNiSi 100mm V5/V5 Pro/V5 Alpha/C4 is an 86mm PRO C-PL that works exclusively with the NiSi 100mm V5/V5 Pro/V5 Alpha/C4 Holders. The Enhanced Landscape version of the CPL improves saturation in landscape images compared with the included C-PL with the V5 kit and other 100mm kits.




Additional information

Compatible Holders

NiSi V5 ALPHA 100mm Aluminium Filter Holder


Anodised Aluminum, Optical Glass



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