NiSi Circular Filter Bag Second Generation II (Holds 4pcs 82mm Filters)

October 3, 2018 - Tassiegrammer


  • Small and Convenient to Carry
  • Fast and Simple to Use
  • Can hold 4 pcs up to 82mm in size
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The NiSi Circular filter Case holds 4 filters up to 82mm size and protects filters when they’re not in use. It’s a practical and portable bag for filters that fits in most camera bags, looks great and is made from a durable material. Most photographers own many filters, such as Neutral Density Filters, Circular Polarizing filters, UV filters and this Round Filter bag is the perfect solution.

This filter pouch can keep filters from getting scratched or damaged by accident and the external material adopts anti-wear durable PU leather. The internal material is soft fiber cotton. The NiSi Filter Bag is convenient, practical and suitable for photographers who shoot outdoors.

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