Join NiSi Ambassador @tassiegrammer for private one on one or small private group NiSi starter photography workshops focussing on the use of NiSi neutral density filters and their benefits in improving your creativity and overall image quality.


Learn how to maximise your landscape photography skills through improved shooting techniques, effective use of a range of NiSi neutral density filters in varying lighting conditions, knowledge of the basics of calculating exposure settings when using neutral density filters, sunrise or sunset shooting, long exposure photography, night photography and much more. Any workshops will be tailored to suit each individuals needs with subjects and techniques focussing on maximising image quality when using a range of NiSi Filters.


Workshops are conducted in Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria and elsewhere throughout Australia (based on availability and travel schedule) with specific locations being weather dependant and tailored to suit the requirements of any participants. Custom half day, full day and multi day workshops can be arranged with pricing to be negotiated.


NiSi Starter Workshops Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery




Control the basic exposure settings (aperture, ISO, shutter speed)

Calculate exposure times correctly using neutral density filters

Correct the correct neutral density filter for any given scene

Use graduated filters to balance overall image exposure

Compose your image creatively with known methods and what key features to look for

Capture sharp images during varying lighting conditions

Understand camera settings such as white balance, exposure bracketing, manual focusing and other camera settings


NiSi Starter Workshops Chasm Falls Tasmania




DSLR / Mirrorless camera and lenses (recommend a wide angle and a telephoto)

Tripod (if you don’t already own a tripod, I can provide one for the duration of the workshop)

Neutral density filters (if you don’t already own any, I can provide them for the duration of the workshop)

Remote / cable camera shutter

Empty memory cards

Spare camera batteries

Head torch (for any night photography sessions)

Footwear suitable for beaches / rocks and general walking

Waterproof / Windproof Jacket

Warm clothing

Waterproof camera cover


NiSi Starter Workshops Hobart City Sunrise



Please contact me to check availability of date in different regions of Australia. Upon confirmation of availability full payment is required to finalise your booking. Locations will be chosen to suit the individual requirements of any participants. If weather causes any issues with the chosen date and time, arrangements can be made to reschedule any bookings.