Join Kieran Stone and Tassiegrammer from Project RAWcast in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria for an in depth and hands on one day workshop and adventure focusing on the practical aspects of photography in the field. Learn the basics of composition, reading a scene, planning locations, neutral density filters and much more.


Starting in St Kilda for sunrise, the day will continue with multiple locations around Morning Peninsula all the way through to sunset with transport provided from St Kilda, to end in the same location after sunset. Stops will be made throughout the day for morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea (food costs will be at your own expense). Locations will be chosen based on weather conditions on the day.


A full range of NiSi Filters products will be availale to trial and use on the day. A special 15% off promotional offer for NiSi Filters products is available to workshop participants by ordering directly through the Project RAWcast team.


Workshop spaces are limited to 8 people total.



Possible locations include –


Sorrento Back Beach

Gunnamatta Ocean Beach

Number 16 Beach

St Pauls Beach

Bridgewater Bay


London Bridge

Cape Schanck



This is what you will learn


Control the basic exposure settings (aperture, ISO, shutter speed)

Calculate exposure times correctly using neutral density filters

Correct the correct neutral density filter for any given scene

Use graduated filters to balance overall image exposure

Compose your image creatively with known methods and what key features to look for

Capture sharp images during varying lighting conditions

Understand camera settings such as white balance, exposure bracketing, manual focusing and other camera settings

Learn how to read and correctly expose images via the histogram

General safety when shooting in groups / public spaces

Legalities and rights when shooting in public spaces

Planning for a shooting session

Location planning – tides / weather

Using apps for location planning





DSLR / Mirrorless camera

Lenses (recommend a wide angle and a telephoto)


Remote / cable camera shutter

Footwear suitable for beaches / rocks and general walking

Waterproof / Windproof Jacket

Warm clothing