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The photography sharing economy and mobile technology with Rob Mulally


Rob Mulally (@robmulally) joins me for an in depth and highly intellectual discussion about the “sharing economy” and it’s potential impact as it slowly creeps into the photography industry. We speak about several platforms now offering to connect photographers directly with potential clients for rates that are far below what many professional photographers would typically charge. Are these platforms sustainable and what impact will they have on the the rates photographers charge to compete for work? On the flip side to that we discuss the interesting new Kyōyū platform launched by Canon Australia that is also comparable in the “sharing economy”. This platform is designed to connect those who either want to try equipment, or need access to specific pieces of camera gear for specific jobs with owners of equipment willing to rent their idle gear out.  There has never been anything like this from a major photography brand, so how could this potentially impact both the rental and retail camera markets? Rob shares his thoughts on mobile photography, Samsung smart phones, underwater photography and chats about his recent trip photographing whales in Tonga. We discuss the standardisation of technology platforms and how USB-C is potentially the future. A new (maybe) Instagram hack comes to light and promises to increase your reach on Instagram (maybe). Listen in this week to one of the most technologically minded photographers I have ever met as I am sure there is plenty you could learn from such a talented content producer!


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