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Project RAWcast Episode 16: Making insurance exciting

In this episode Tassiegrammer and Kieran Stone try and make the important but sometimes dull topic of insurance sound interesting. The listeners can be the judge of their success in that department. They also talk about sharpening for the web, copyright issues, some inspirational local photographers and their usual beef with Instagram.


NiSi Filters Australia


Georges Cameras


Episode Links

Myths, Tips and Facts about insurance for photographers. | Milne Alexander

The Down and Dirty on Photographers Insurance | Fstoppers

Lenstag – Protect your camera equipment, images and help make the world safer for photography on iOS, Android and the web.

STOP Theft Prevents Loss and Recovers Mobile Devices | Security Tracking of Office Property

Sharpening Images for the Web –

Sam Ison • Sydney • Australia ( • Instagram photos and videos

Sam Ison Photos Facebook

Dylan Gehlken (@dylangehlken_photography) • Instagram photos and videos

Isaak / NW Tas (@isaak.cole) • Instagram photos and videos

‘Boyfriends of Instagram’ BTS Project Goes Viral | Fstoppers

Finally, You Can Now Share Up to Ten Photos and Videos in a Single Post on Instagram | Fstoppers

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