5 Youtube Photoshop tutorial channels for photographers

October 17, 2017 - Tassiegrammer

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Adobe Photoshop is a beast of a software package. It can be extremely intimidating for photographers to know where to begin when using it, and quite often just grasping what it is capable of doing is a learning experience of it’s own. Knowing where to begin is a big part of the challenge. Understanding what the tools are for RAW processing, basic layer masks, spot or clone healing, or curves and saturation adjustments all take time to learn. The reality with Photoshop is you could build an image pixel by pixel if you really wanted to (good luck trying, but it is possible ūüėā).


Photoshop can be as simple or as complex as you personally want it to be in your workflow. Some of the more advanced photo processing techniques such as luminosity masking, frequency separation or creating complex composite images are things not every photographer needs or may want to use. For anyone comparing software, Adobe Photoshop can do everything that Adobe Lightroom can do, minus the digital content management Lightroom is well known for. For the editing process itself Photoshop is in many ways superior to Lightroom in what it can achieve. As a general rule Lightroom is fantastic for global adjustments to an entire image. You can achieve those same adjustments to your photos with Photoshop as well as much more refined localised adjustments throughout different parts of your images.


There are a lot of online resources for anyone looking to start using Adobe Photoshop. As mentioned above, knowing where to start is quite often one of the biggest hurdles for those thinking about experimenting with the techniques Photoshop can offer. Here are five Youtube Photoshop tutorial channels for photographers who are looking to implement Photoshop into their editing workflow. These are in no particular order of recommendation. Each Youtube channel varies in their methods and style of teaching. You may relate more to a particular teaching style. I think you may also very quickly learn from each of these channels that quite often there is more than one way to get to the end result you are hoping to achieve with your photos when using Adobe Photoshop.


There are literally hundreds of tutorials offered in these channels, so grab a bucket of popcorn, put on a set of noise cancelling headphones and lock yourself away in a dark room while overloading your brain with some of the best Photoshop lessons for beginner photographers you will find anywhere.  I will post a recommended video for each of these channels but head on over and check out what else each of these has to offer via the links below.


1. Phlearn


With over 1.4 million subscribers at the time of publishing this, Phlearn surely have to be doing something right. Phlearn have published over 600 tutorial videos for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and other photography specific topics. To compliment their Youtube channel there  is also a subscription based service via the phlearn.com website offering even more advanced tutorials.


Recommended Phlearn Video –¬†



2. Piximperfect


Piximperfect is a Youtube channel created by Unmesh Dinda – a commercial photography retoucher based in India. As he puts it himself, “In 2005, at age 8 my father bought our family‚Äôs first computer and introduced me to a software called Photoshop 7.0, my eyes sparkled with amazement. Since then, Photoshop became a video game to me instead of a software and it still is.” With just over 200 videos and more than 140,000 youtube subscribers you will no doubt learn a lot from Piximperfect. There are some great videos for creating special effects as well as specific videos on portrait and colour retouching.


Recommended Piximperfect Video –¬†



3. Tutvid


Tutvid was started in 2006 by Nathaniel Dodson, a web designer and portrait photographer based in Philadelphia in the US. With well over 56 million views on his Youtube videos he has to be doing something right. A lot of the Tutvid videos are focussed on portrait photography, but these techniques are just as useful across landscape or any other form of photography you may do. You will find Photoshop, Lightroom and tutorials f0r the video editing suite Adobe Premiere, as well as the occasional photography related tech review or discussion on this channel.


Recommended Tutvid Video –



4. Jimmy McIntyre


You are either going to love or hate the smooth, soothing voice of Jimmy McIntyre. After listening to countless hours of his tutorials I will say that he really knows his stuff. Jimmy is the creator of the widely used Raya Pro luminosity masking panel for Photoshop. While much of his video content is aimed towards users of his panel, there is plenty to be learned about luminosity masking, exposure blending, colour correction and basic photography techniques on this Youtube channel.


Recommended Jimmy McIntyre Video –



5. Photoshop Training Channel


On the Photoshop Training Channel you will find high quality Adobe Photoshop training & tutorials for photo manipulation, retouching, text effects, and much more. This channel really does showcase how much you can achieve with Adobe Photoshop from the simplest of techniques all the way through to extremely complicated effects. There is a subscription only section of their website offering larger and more in depth tutorials to compliment the large range of free tutorials on their Youtube Channel.


Recommended Photoshop Training Channel Video –¬†




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