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Episode 34: Back To Work

Project RAWcast Episode 34: Back to Work The boys are back after a short break and have lots to catch up on. Kieran chats about his trip to Madagascar and Tassiegrammer speaks of his new... Read More
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Episode 33 : Google’s AI will take over the world

Project RAWcast Episode 33: Google’s AI will take over the world  As Google’s Artificial Intelligence grows towards sentience, it seems the camera industry may be an early victim of its conquest. Kieran does his best... Read More
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Episode 32 : Bullying in photography

Project RAWcast Episode 32: Bullying in photography   It’s Project RAWcast’s 1st Birthday! And for this episode Tassiegrammer and Kieran take on the bullying and harassment issues that are plaguing photography. They also discuss the... Read More
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Episode 31 : Is Canon Innovating Enough?

Project RAWcast Episode 31: Is Canon Innovating Enough? Poor Tassiegrammer is going through a rough patch with Canon and their innovation and Kieran does a terrible job at consoling him. They discuss stock photography and... Read More
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Episode 30 : Are Instagrammers real photographers?

Project RAWcast Episode 30: Are Instagrammers real photographers? Being an Instagrammer can be a profession these days but does that make you a photographer? Tassiegrammer and Kieran share their thoughts. They also debunk some photography... Read More
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Episode 29 : Apps for photography

Project RAWcast Episode 29: Apps for photography The boys are in Sydney ahead of some NSW adventures. Kieran gives Tassiegrammer some tips on how to fail at photography. They talk about some useful apps and... Read More
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Episode 28 : What is a photo?

Project RAWcast Episode 28 : What is a photo? What is a photo anyway? Can it be scratches on film? Tassiegrammer and Kieran argue their views on the subject. They also discuss how sticking to... Read More
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Episode 27 : Monkeying around with copyright

Project RAWcast Episode 27 : Monkeying around with copyright Another case of a photographer having their work stolen on Instagram. A monkey with copyright to a selfie. Hyperfocal distance vs focus stacking. Tassiegrammer is not... Read More
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Episode 26 : Better Instagram Stories

Project RAWcast Episode 26 : Better Instagram Stories How you should be utilising Instagram Stories to promote your brand according to Tassiegrammer and Kieran Stone. The Canon 6DMKII is released and rumours of the next... Read More
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